What dimension your vehicle is?

Your vehicle container volume,such as length,width,high.

What temperature do you want to reach?

Temperature:-20~+25 degree centigrade or -5~+25 degree centigrade.

What your vehicle is,cargo van or truck?

If your vehicle are van,we will help you recommend suitable van refrigeration unit,if your vehicle is truck,we will help you recommend you suitable truck refrigeration.

Will i need electric standby to keep my product's temperature consistent overnight inside ?

Do you remove your product from your refrigerated truck every night or do you need to keep the product inside the truck? Electric standby lets you connect the refrigeration unit to an outlet for power during stopovers and overnight.

How much product weight and cubic feet will i be hauling in my refrigerated truck?

NairoCooltech Industry truck refrigerated unit is the integral link your transportation “cold chain”. Refrigerated trucks usually carry your products the last miles before they are delivered. Maintaining the correct temperature in your refrigerated truck is critical, and is a function of the type of refrigeration system you use and the amount of insulation used in the walls, floor, and roof.

What is the primary product i will be transporting in my refrigerated truck?

What you are transporting in your refrigerated truck and the product's temperature\requirement will determine many of the key specifications, including how much insulation is needed.Transporting dairy products in your refrigerated truck requires different specifications than transporting fresh seafood.