RV/Caravan Air Conditioner N13000RT

Product Name: RV/CARAVAN Air Conditioner
Driven Type: AC220V/AC110V
Installation: Rooftop Mounted system
Compressor: LG brand
Refrigerant: R410a

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Bus/Truck/RV Air Conditioner


RV / Caravan Air Conditioner N13000RT

Travel at ease and arrive safely with products that have been developed especially with the requirements of mobile living in mind.

1.Really powerful cooling comfort, higher efficiency, light weight;
2.More stable working, good noise level; 
3.Sleek shroud design reduces drag; 
4.With non-zone depleting refrigerant R410a; 
5.Axial fan produces big air volume to cool down the condenser; 
6.The upper unit can be matched with the air distribution box or duct; 
7.ACRG distribution box with fully adjustable louvers and blower speeds provide just right cooling comfort; 
8.Removable and washable filter to keep interior clean; 
9.HP(heat pump) or PTC electric heater optional; 
10.Designed by the famous US participant, particularly fitting the middle-large self-propelled RV and caravans.



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