LED Bus Air Purifier Introduction

14 2020-11-07


With the COVID-19 expand the world and not controlled totally but meanwhile some governments appeal to work resumption. So how to keep passengers safe when they work back that have to take a bus or coach? 

In the bus or coach, it maybe crowded and you cannot keep a safe distance, especially in the hot summer, for the air conditioner bus, the windows have to be close and it may result in air polluted or virus and bacteria spread.

From March 3, 2019 that China has to work resumption during the COVID-19 time, our government invest to the public transportation safe device to add the bus air purifier system in Yutong Bus and KingLong Bus.

In March, 3000 sets of Yutong bus added the bus air purifier, and in May, another 5000 sets installed. It has a big and good effect in controlling the COVID-19!

Yes, that is the bus air purifier products that KingClima industry want to promote to the whole world, and want to bring it to the whole buses in the world to keep the passengers a safe bus trip!

In order to suit all kinds of bus type, we update the air purifier again and again. And also to suit different countries policy we get many certifications for this products:

1. CE certification;

2. E-Mark Certification;

3. RoHS certifications.

Characteristics of KingClima Bus Air Purifier Products

Bus air purifier 2020

1. Used for single air return grille or double grilles A/C system.

2. For 7-18 meter AC buses or coaches included into articulator buses and double decker buses.

3. Only designed for AC-Buses.

4. Installed in the air grilled place of the bus ac.

5. 3 filter technology: photocatalyst, plasma and UV lamp. (Please note that the uv lamp not expose to passengers directly, so it will not harm and it is in the air grille. )

6. Its main function is to kill virus, bacteria and microorganism, and decreasing PM2.5.

Ozone generator for bus A/C system

1. For the Ozone generator 1000 , can produce 1000 mg ozone per hour , Yutong bus use this type more than 3000 units per year.

2. Its main function is killing the bacteria in the air duct and remove the bad odor.

3. Its working method is working 15 minutes, closed 45 minutes, can work in cycles , safe for humans .

4. For Ozone generator 250, can produce 250 mg ozone per hour , this type widely used by KingLong and Higher bus.... It working methods is working 3 minutes, closed 3 minutes, can work in cycles , safe for humans .

Ceiling mounted Air Purifier For Non-AC Bus/Van/Suv

1. It can be used widely for 7m school bus , house cars and elevators.

2. 12V/24V/220V voltage for choice (usually 220V voltage is used for elevators or other closed room and space).

3. It is especially designed for non-ac buses or mini buses.

The above 3 models are the main systems that to deal with the bus air safe matters, besides that, we also recommend to customers install the display screen to monitor the air quality in bus. Here we have two models for choice.

1. Display Screen

Ø Traditional button screen.

Ø Large size.

Ø non-intelligent type.

Ø Have to find a place to imbed it.


Ø Shows the data of: Temperature, air quality, humidity, PM2.5、CO2、TVOC.

2. Smart Display Screen

Ø Intelligent display screen.

Ø Gesture control, very easy to operate.

Ø Portable and independent, can use for any place(include into home) to monitor air quality.

Ø 12V/24V/220V voltage for choice.

Ø Small size, beautiful appearance.

Ø Shows the data of: Temperature, air quality, humidity, PM2.5、CO2、TVOC.

About KingClima Industry

We are KingClima Industry, manufacturer and supplier of bus ac unit, truck cab ac unit and bus ac parts in China. With the COVID-19 expand in the world, many countries try to deal with it! 

As for KingClima, we are devoted to the bus air purifier products, which are used in Yutong bus and JingLong bus since March to keep a safe bus trip!For the public transportation safe, the bus air purifier is so necessary for the passengers. 

The bus air purifier products have been in China market for over 10 years to install for Yutong Bus and it has a very matured technology and stable working performance.

Since March, we promote our bus air purifier products in the market and recently we get some very good feedback from our customers to install the sample products.

Please note that, we support sample orders and we warmly welcome distributors to cooperate with us and sell our products. We are your best co-partners and suppliers!

Please note that, only KingClima industry has the patent to cooperation with Yutong bus to sell this products and also we have already authorized some of our partners in Italy and some cities of America.

I am Mr. Wang, a technical engineer, to provide you with customized solutions.

Welcome to contact me