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NairoCooltech is professional manufacturer of bus air conditioner, transport refrigeration unit and RV air conditioner. As one of the leaders specializes in transport temperature control systems, owns specialties in R&D and manufacture of transport refrigeration unit and air-conditioning system for trucks, vans, RV and various types of vehicles. Each product from NairoCooltech is supported by international dealer network, which enables us to ensure consistency of pre-sales and after-sales consultation and technical support. We firmly believe that, no matter your business is vehicle refitting or retail and wholesale, our products would perfectly satisfy your need.

We emphasize quality. Each original top-brand parts will be placed accurately in the system. Each placement will be calculated, tested, and calibrated hundreds of times based on NairoCooltech's unique and scientific technology.

Finally the superior product will be shown to you. Otherwise, to adhere to all quality standards in different areas and countries, NairoCooltech consistently submits and exposes its cooling products to different rigorous test and certifications. All these include but not limit to TS16949, ISO9001, QS9000, CE, EMC, etc. And all above quality control measures will be implemented and updated all the time.



Since the initial establishment in 1990, NairoCootech, being the partner of China domestic vehicle builders, started to supply cooling products to refrigerated truck and bus manufacturers in China.


With nearly 30 years' experience, 
NairoCootech thoroughly understands 
the needs and challenges in cooling solutions for transportation, 
and have introduced superior cooling products "made and 
created in China" to all our international partners and clients.
As the market develops and competition, In 2013 NairoCooltec 
Established own trade department and hoped helping to grow 
our partners' business and improve our client's benefit. 
Until now we have exported to 89 countries in global market with good feedback.

At NairoCooltech,our whole mission is about improving the quality of life. Our products and people deliver peace of mind to our customers by ensuring passengers and temperature-sensitive goods make it to their destinations safely and efficiently. Our goal is to ensure that we make that process simple and easy to do.

NairoCooltech build up a practical, efficient and cooperative team which everybody works here shares a sense of mission and responsibility and a caring heart; To develop into an global enterprise that integrated investment with trade.


I am Mr. Wang, a technical engineer, to provide you with customized solutions.

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